An Edifying Exchange

I can report that most of the emails Laura Kipnis has received about her recent Title IX ordeal have been supportive. By far. One interesting twist, though, is the split on the right wing of the political spectrum–where some celebrate her for fighting what they call “political correctness,” and some denounce her for creating what they perceive as the strange new world of campus activism. Here’s a lovely example of the latter. Read from the bottom up, of course, where you will see why this correspondent uses a pseudonym–or whatever he calls it.

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 1:39 PM, Laura Kipnis wrote:

Drop dead.

On Jun 2, 2015, at 10:21 AM, Jean-Baptiste Jourdan wrote:

> Professor –
> You were more than happy to exercise left-wing power on your and your movement’s behalf, and have now discovered reasonableness and the importance of free speech and due process only because you are now targeted. I spent too long at Cal amongst your kind to not know that.
> Nothing you speak of is any different from what has been obviously happening in universities around the country for years now.
> As a tenured professor at one of these universities, you have participated directly in these earlier oppressive tactics and knowingly and intentionally participated in them, including ensuring that grad students and new professors have the right views.
> To note that is not, as Rod Dreher warned against “taking pleasure in watching left-wing feminists devour their own.”
> It’s recognizing the difference between the true victims and the outrage of an oppressor high on the power of a victorious ideology who has found herself suddenly off-side.
> I was once very much like you, very much. Something happened that was a shock to my system that forced me to reflect. While, given the tone of your writings on this ordeal, I don’t have much hope that this will happen to you, it’s possible.
> All I can say is grab that little flickering flame and run to it. Believe me, the future you will thank you for it.
> “Jourdan”
> ps: I’d explain why I use a psuedonym, but I think you already know very well why. Well, now at least.


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