Exchange with Tim Barker at Dissent Online

The blog post called “Socialism Without Socialists” was a kind of follow-up to “How the Left Has Won,” which is in the current issue of Jacobin.  Now Tim Barker at Dissent (who reviewed Against Thrift for Jacobin) has initiated a dialogue with me on the implications of these arguments.  It’s a serious conversation that was fun for both of us.  Here’s the link:





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3 responses to “Exchange with Tim Barker at Dissent Online

  1. George Finch

    This dialogue is really good stuff and so pertinent. Thanks

  2. jonnybutter

    That’s the most interesting thing I’ve read in a while! Thanks!

  3. Gingerman

    The dialog is a helpful reiteration of your ideas (and of M. Sklar’s and no doubt others too — I just haven’t read them).

    One item I still find fuzzy, however, is your notion of society’s supremacy over the state. Yes, I understand statist-driven atrocities like the Soviet Union. But you and I live in the United States where, as I see it, the government is more often than not, the (not “an,” but “the”) formal embodiment of all of us in this society. Government in our cultural tradition is far more broadly accountable than, say, associations (by which I mean institutions ranging from trade associations to corporations to unions to nonprofit organizations). Associations on the other hand, can be far more accessible and accountable to narrow groupings of us and are what give us otherwise atomized individuals the collective power to influence other institutions and broader public policy.

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